Gifts, Biscotti, and Fusion

While Mr. K was away on business I attended a cooking class with my friend Jen. This was a class geared towards Christmas gifts made in your kitchen. There is too many to list here, plus I may make some for Christmas and don’t want to spoil the surprise, but here is a picture of one. It’s a chocolate hazelnut biscotti all wrapped up nicely ready to give away.

After class we meet up with our friend Ms. P for dinner at Pho Thi Fusion, it’s a mix between Thai and Vietnamese cuisine with a modern flair. I had the vermicelli, but forgot to take a picture. A lot of people we taking pictures of their food since the presentation is so nice. I’ve had the shrimp spring rolls before, and they’re very tasty!

Ms. P was still hungry after her dinner so she order a sushi dish called ‘Canadian Eh!’.

After that she was still up for desert… So a green tea cheesecake was ordered! She shared it with us though, and it was good too!


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