Gluten & Dairy Free Sweetness!

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Mr.K and I returned last week from Orlando. We got to escape the cold weather at home and went to  much warmer climates, almost 80 degrees most days! Hanging out by the pools, shopping, visiting Animal Kingdom, and Downtown Disney were just a few of the things we did.

Downtown Disney is also where the Babycakes Bakery is located, so of course we had to go! We actually ended up the bakery twice and bought a wide selection of treats to try.

The Babycakes Bakery is actually located inside the Pollo Campero restaurant.

They had lots of selection, and are open daily until 11pm!

The blondie, and lemon cupcakes were tasty. Lots of people were at Babycakes purchasing treats both times we were there.

The brownie cupcake as well as the chocolate dipped cookie crumb donut were my favorites!

Babycakes had so many treats, a lot of them I recognized from their cookbook. I hope to be back someday to try more!


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