What to Eat

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Our fist day in Orlando we went to Downtown Disney for lunch at Cap’n Jack’s. It’s located in the light blue building overlooking the water.

The chef actually came out and talked to us since I informed the waiter I had allergies. He was very knowledgeable and friendly, and said they could work around anything I chose.

In the end I went with the Citrus Shrimp Salad. It was great, I’d definitely get it again!

Here are a few more pictures from Downtown Disney.

We also went shopping at the beautiful Mall at Millenia.

After all that shopping we were hungry, so where did we go for dinner?? P.F. Changs my favorite restaurant just happened to be at the mall, it’s accessible from the outside of the mall only, on the same side as the valet parking!

We shared the Chicken Lettuce Wraps, and I ordered the Singapore Street Noodles. Both are offered on the gluten free menu, yes there is a gluten free menu – printed right on the regular menu! They will also provide any other allergy information for you also, my two selections were also on the dairy free list.

It was so good, we actually ate there twice during our vacation week!

While we were in Florida we had a unit with a kitchen so we could cook dinner if we did not want to go out. A few nights we did, as well as breakfasts and lunches most days.

This meant we had to go grocery shopping, we went to a few of the local grocery stores including Whole Foods which had a great selection of gluten and dairy free products.


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