Disney Deja Vu!

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Last weekend I was lucky enough to go back to Disney World in Orlando to watch my friend run the Disney’s Princess 1/2 Marathon. The morning of the marathon we arrived at Epcot before the sun was even up! The race began at 6am.

And here is her medal:

Later on that day we went to Downtown Disney for lunch and then over to Paradise Island when we needed a break and decided to go watch a movie at the AMC.

This was a dine-in theatre, and while we didn’t eat there is was impressive enough to take some pictures inside!

Comfy chairs to relax in after being up extremely early on marathon day!

Every set of seats in the row has a counter to eat at, just press the button on the ledge for the waiter to come and take your order!

We had stopped at my favorite Babycakes Bakery on the way over to the theatre and grabbed some snacks for the movie.

The next day was another fun day at Hollywood Studios.

First thing we did? Make a beeline to the scariest rides at the park of course! First the Tower of Terror, and then the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith.

Yes this roller coaster does go upside down! I have no idea how many times because my eyes were closed the whole ride! We stayed at the park until evening, then went back to the hotel for an early night.

On our last day we went to Magic Kingdom.

We met up with Cinderella’s evil step-sisters and step-mother.

Since it was a warm day we took the plunge and went on Splash Mountain too!

It was a busy long weekend, but so much fun! Now back to winter for hopefully only a few more weeks!


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