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Classic Crumb Cake

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This weekend I used another recipe from The Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook. It is described in the book as a classic coffee cake. You can also watch the author Cybele Pascal make this recipe in a Martha Stewart clip here on the author’s website.

This was another easy recipe! While it was baking Mr.K and my dad were downstairs working on finishing our basement, they could smell the cake baking and were eager to try a piece when then came up. It tasted great as expected, and I’m sure I’ll be making this one again!

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After being back in Orlando last week and having more treats at the Babycakes Bakery I came home with a craving for some donuts! This past weekend I tried a recipe from the Babycakes Covers the Classics cookbook.

I made the plain cake donuts, with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. They tasted pretty close to what you get in their bakery, still warm from the oven is best!

Now that I have a donut pan I’ll have to try some different flavors from this cookbook.

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Blueberry Boy Bait

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This past week I made this moist, buttery coffee cake with its crisp, cinnamon-sugar topping from The Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook. It’s based on an old-fashioned recipe from the 1950s, called Blueberry Boy Bait, a coffee cake named for the effect it had on teenage boys. You can also find the recipe here on the author’s website.

It was easy to make, and tastes great, definitely a hit in our house. The hardest part is waiting for it to bake for an hour in the oven! I can see how it doesn’t last very long as the book claims. I kept half in the fridge and it almost lasted a week, so today I made another.

This is one of my favorite recipes in the book so far, and I’m sure I’ll be making it many more times!

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What to Eat

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Our fist day in Orlando we went to Downtown Disney for lunch at Cap’n Jack’s. It’s located in the light blue building overlooking the water.

The chef actually came out and talked to us since I informed the waiter I had allergies. He was very knowledgeable and friendly, and said they could work around anything I chose.

In the end I went with the Citrus Shrimp Salad. It was great, I’d definitely get it again!

Here are a few more pictures from Downtown Disney.

We also went shopping at the beautiful Mall at Millenia.

After all that shopping we were hungry, so where did we go for dinner?? P.F. Changs my favorite restaurant just happened to be at the mall, it’s accessible from the outside of the mall only, on the same side as the valet parking!

We shared the Chicken Lettuce Wraps, and I ordered the Singapore Street Noodles. Both are offered on the gluten free menu, yes there is a gluten free menu – printed right on the regular menu! They will also provide any other allergy information for you also, my two selections were also on the dairy free list.

It was so good, we actually ate there twice during our vacation week!

While we were in Florida we had a unit with a kitchen so we could cook dinner if we did not want to go out. A few nights we did, as well as breakfasts and lunches most days.

This meant we had to go grocery shopping, we went to a few of the local grocery stores including Whole Foods which had a great selection of gluten and dairy free products.

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Gluten & Dairy Free Sweetness!

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Mr.K and I returned last week from Orlando. We got to escape the cold weather at home and went to  much warmer climates, almost 80 degrees most days! Hanging out by the pools, shopping, visiting Animal Kingdom, and Downtown Disney were just a few of the things we did.

Downtown Disney is also where the Babycakes Bakery is located, so of course we had to go! We actually ended up the bakery twice and bought a wide selection of treats to try.

The Babycakes Bakery is actually located inside the Pollo Campero restaurant.

They had lots of selection, and are open daily until 11pm!

The blondie, and lemon cupcakes were tasty. Lots of people were at Babycakes purchasing treats both times we were there.

The brownie cupcake as well as the chocolate dipped cookie crumb donut were my favorites!

Babycakes had so many treats, a lot of them I recognized from their cookbook. I hope to be back someday to try more!


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More Recipe Reviews

This past week I baked two more goodies from The Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook.

First are the Gingerbread Muffins:

These are super tasty moist muffins that are egg, dairy, and gluten free. Great for breakfast or a snack!

Up next are the Chocolate Chunk Blondie Bars:

These taste just like the gluten/dairy filled ones, but are much better for you!

I’ll definitely be making both of these again.

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Fall is here!

Fall was in the air this weekend. I still had a few flowers ready to be cut from the garden.

Pretty sunset tonight.

For dinner we tried a new recipe from the Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook by Elena Amsterdam.

We made the Chicken Strips along with Sweet Potato fries and some thai-peanut dipping sauce.

Super tasty! I plan on trying many more recipes from this book!

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