Spring Has Sprung!

This week over at Gussy's the Inspiration Workshop prompt is Spring! Yesterday the temperature went way up to 54ºF here and the snow has started to melted away finally! There's still a bit lingering but soon it will all be gone. Spring is one of my favorite seasons, especially when you can smell the air changing. … Continue reading Spring Has Sprung!


Dreaming of Organizing

This week over at Gussy's the prompt is Organization! Organizing, sorting, and just general cleaning up is something that is always there waiting to get done! Here are a few ideas I hope to use one day. These wall shelves are so neat and everything has a place! {via} I really like these white bookshelves. … Continue reading Dreaming of Organizing

Christmas treat!

This weekend will probably be the start of the Christmas baking in our house. I was looking through my recipes deciding what to start with and dug out one of our family favorites. They are super easy and quick, as well as very tasty! Mars Bars Squares Ingredients: 4 Mars bars 1/2 cup butter or … Continue reading Christmas treat!

Baking Time

It's Inspiration Workshop time again! This week our prompt from Gussy was Favorite Recipes. I recently checked out an assortment of cookbooks from the library. Lots of new recipes to go through and hopefully I'll find some new favorites in them! In the meantime though here are a few of my favorite baking items. First … Continue reading Baking Time